Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra

Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is the first full-size truck from the legendary Japanese automaker to be built in the United States. The Tundra is well-built, reliable, and durable, making it one of the most popular trucks in the U.S. Today, it is the only full-size truck on the market made in the U.S. One way to improve the appearance and off-road capabilities of the Tundra is a lift kit. The best lift kit for Toyota Tundra trucks is the Supreme Suspensions lift kit (>>> Find on Amazon) for the 1st Gen trucks and ReadyLift (>>> Check on Amazon) for the 2nd gen Tundra. Below, we give you the technical specs of the top lift kits for each generation.

Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra – Top Picks:

 Supreme Suspensions Full lift KitTorch Lift KitRough Country Lift KitReadyLift Complete Lift UpgradeReadyLift Leveling KitKSP Leveling Kit
Manufacturer Part NumberAZM 291(2r)‎689355918811‎7503069-5475‎69-5276‎K8016TN-3-2
Max tire size33"35"No data35"35"32"
Model Years1999-20061999-20062000-20062007-20212007-20212007-2021
Dimensions12.5 x 10 x 7.1 inchesNo data‎25.5 x 5.75 x 6 inches‎8 x 18 x 12 inches‎5 x 15 x 13 inches13.78 x 6.69 x 6.69 inches
Item Weight16.37 poundsNo data‎27 pounds40.5 pounds‎23.4 pounds19.16 pounds
PriceFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon Find on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra 1999-2006 (1st Gen)

When the Tundra hit the market in 1999, it replaced the T100, Toyota’s first experiment with a full size truck for the North American market. Adding a lift kit significantly improves the way these trucks look and gives better clearance for larger tires and better off road capabilities.

Best Overall: Supreme Suspensions Full lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions Full lift Kit

One of the first things you’ll notice about this lift kit is the high quality of materials. Supreme Suspensions utilized T6-grade aircraft aluminum to machine the strut spacers which makes them virtually impervious to damage. High strength steel is used to make the angled rear lift blocks so you won’t have to worry about a suspension failure.

This kit is not a 1:1 lift kit: the thickness of the spacers is actually less than the height of the lift you’ll get from the components. This happens because of the change in the angle of the lower control arm which provides additional lift. It will allow for taller tires, however you’ll likely need wheel spacers or offset wheels to accommodate wider tires without rubbing.

Installation is easy and can be done by the average person in a few hours. Simply remove the strut, place the spacer, and realign the strut in position. The rear is even simpler. You’ll need to disconnect the rear axle, lower it, and install the specially designed angled spacers. The kit includes new square-profile U-Bolts to replace the stock units.


  • Seriously strong components you can count on
  • Easy to install by yourself
  • Provides a great looking appearance


  • Some owners of MY2000 trucks were unable to install
  • May require additional parts to accommodate changes to suspension and driveline geometry

Runner-up: Torch Lift Kit

Torch Lift Kit

Torch provides buyers with this lift kit intended to provide three-inches of lift in the front and two-inches in the rear. The kit provides owners with a nearly level lifted appearance and the ability to run tires up to 32-inches tall without modifications to the fenders or suspension.

Front spacers lift the strut assemblies to provide an altered suspension height. These install easily by removing the strut and dropping the control arm. Simply remove, install, and replace the strut to complete the front installation. The rear spacer blocks incorporate an angled profile that prevents you from having to purchase a separate pinion angle bracket. Everything to install the kit is included, and Torch even throws in a bag of stickers.

The front spacer is not a true 3” design. When you install this kit, the angle of the lower control arm changes, providing additional lift beyond that of the actual spacer height. When installed, your truck will sit more level and will look tough and ready for the dirt. This is a great lift kit for owners who use their truck on job sites and need tires that can handle mud but won’t fit under the stock fenders.


  • Good quality kit that is also affordable and easy to install
  • Lets you run mud tires on your truck without cutting, bending, or welding
  • Included sticker pack is a fun way to show off your purchase


  • Manufacturer isn’t straight-forward about materials
  • May result in rough-riding suspension that may require purchase of additional parts

Editor’s Pick: Rough Country Lift Kit

Rough Country Lift Kit

When it comes to tough and reliable lift kits, Rough Country has built a reputation for outstanding quality. Now, RC builds a kit for the Toyota Tundra and it is one of the best designs on the market. The lift-and-level kit provides additional clearance for larger wheels and tire combinations and installs easily with basic hand tools in just a few hours.

The kit starts with high-quality strut spacers up front. These spacers provide 2.5 inches of lift to clear taller tires. The spacers are made from premium T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum that will probably outlive your truck. High-quality nuts and bolts ensure that you won’t have to worry about suspension break-downs when driving. Rear angled spacers provide 2” of lift and prevent alterations to the pinion angle of your driveline.

What makes this one of our favorite kits is the inclusion of Rough Country’s N3 gas-charged shock absorbers for the rear. This is an overlooked upgrade many kits don’t provide that can substantially improve your overall driveability results. N3s are simply great shocks and are a perfect mate to the Tundra.


  • Durable and reliable lift kit that includes shocks
  • Some of the highest-quality materials on the market
  • Gives your truck a new attitude


  • Doesn’t provide as much lift as some kits

Lift Kits for Toyota Tundra 2007-2021 (2nd Gen)

The second generation of the Toyota Tundra made significant improvements to power and performance, as well as a fresh new appearance. A lift kit makes these trucks look even more menacing and provides clearance for larger and wider tires.

Top Pick: ReadyLift Complete Lift Upgrade

ReadyLift Complete Lift Upgrade

This is an expensive kit, no doubt about that. The trade-off is that you get specifically engineered products that are guaranteed to work on your Tundra. The kit includes modified A-arms with pre-installed ball joints that prevent binding and the need to make further modifications to prevent suspension and steering geometry problems.

The lift kit includes ultra-high quality strut spacers that provide 2.5-inches of lift in the front and install easily with basic tools. This kit is considered a “mid-lift” and provides clearance for a+1 larger tire than a standard leveling kit without the complications of a larger lift. Rear angle spacer blocks correctly position the rear axle pinion angle so you don’t have to buy extra parts to keep things lined up.

This is the most complete, best performing mid-lift kit on the market for the Tundra. It includes the highest quality components and offers the ultimate in long-term durability. It’s possible to run tires as large as 33”x12.5” without rubbing or cutting using this lift kit. All included hardware is ultra-high grade so you won’t have to worry about hustling to the hardware store mid-install.


  • Totally complete kit that eliminates the worry of needing extra parts
  • Improves overall performance of steering and suspension while offering the best appearance on the market
  • Installs easily with basic tools


  • Pricier than most leveling kits
  • Realignment is necessary after installation

Runner-up: ReadyLift Leveling Kit

ReadyLift Leveling Kit

This is a great product for leveling and lifting your Tundra. It gives your truck a level stance that eliminates the drooping rear appearance many Toyota trucks come from the factory with. You’ll get high-quality strut spacers that properly angle the struts to eliminate binding and improper geometry. This kit will even work on TRD Tundra trucks that have a different suspension angle design than base model trucks.

This kit includes the latest design of the angled rear spacers that give 2” of lift and improves the angle of the pinion to prevent drivetrain misalignment common on inferior kits designed for universal applications. The installation is straight-forward and doesn’t necessitate the use of a strut compressor, making it safe and easy to install.

Many buyers have noted that reassembling the front suspension is difficult to do alone, and this kit has taken people longer to install than most kits. However, these issues don’t prevent this from being one of the best kits you can buy, they just make it somewhat more difficult to install. With proper wheel offset, you can run up to 35” tall tires on your Tundra with this kit.


  • A great and affordable way to improve the appearance of your truck
  • High-quality materials and thoughtful design make this a safe lift to install
  • Allows for oversized tires to be installed easily


  • More challenging than some kits to install
  • May require some modification to accommodate larger tires

Budget Pick: KSP Leveling Kit

KSP Leveling Kit

When you want to get a little more height from your Tundra but the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on a kit is just too much, you can get a good quality lift using this kit from KSP. Just because this is a budget-friendly kit doesn’t mean the parts are junk, either.

The kit starts with 3” lifting strut spacers that are made from T6 aircraft aluminum and powder coated black for appearance and corrosion resistance. These spacers install easily without the need to use a strut compressor to remove the McPherson strut.

Rear spacers are basic designs that are tig-welded and cross gusseted for durability. The design may require the use of a spacer to adjust the pinion angle of the driveline after installation to prevent binding. All hardware included in the kit is high-quality, but the lack of a brake line bracket and sway bar drops means you won’t get factory steering and suspension performance out of the box.


  • Highly affordable way to improve the appearance of your truck
  • Easy to install leveling kit that includes the necessary nuts and bolts


  • Lacks some of the engineering excellence of superior products
  • May require additional parts to correct geometry
  • Most people found that a strut compressor was necessary to align mounting bolt holes on front spacer


The Toyota Tundra is a great truck for work or play, but the factory ride height is somewhat disappointing. It prevents the use of larger tires with more aggressive tread, so the solution is to provide a small amount of suspension lift. These kits all perform well and provide the most complete and safest way to increase wheel clearance on your truck. While installation of these kits is fairly easy, keep in mind that changes to the height of the suspension will alter the geometry of the steering, so a re-alignment will be necessary.

Choosing the best quality kits for your truck will save you hassle and extra money in the future when you don’t have to buy extra parts or try to figure out why things don’t line up. Each of the kits we detailed today are excellent quality and backed by companies that are trusted in the field. You will love the way your truck looks and drives after installing a suspension lift and leveling kit on your Toyota Tundra.