BlackVue DR590 vs DR750

Cameras are everywhere these days; at ATMs, overlooking store parking lots, and next to stoplight. Almost everyone’s cell phone has a camera. Why in the world would you need another one? And then, how do you decide which dash cam is the best for you and your vehicle? Let’s take a look at the BlackVue DR590 vs. the BlackVue DR750 to compare the two. BlackVue makes some of the best dash cams on the market today. The DR590 and the DR750 are two of their more popular models. We think that the DR750 is the way to go. (>>>Find on Amazon)

BlackVue DR590 vs DR750 side by side:

BlackVue DR590BlackVue DR750
Resolution (front)1920×1080 30FPS1920×1080 60FPS
View angle139 degree139 degree
Built-in Wi-FiNoYes
Built-in GPSYesYes
LTE ModuleNoYes
Maximum capacity256 GB256 GB
Price Find on Amazon Find on Amazon

Why Should You Own a Dash Cam?

Here’s a shortlist of what mounting a dashcam in your vehicle can provide you with:

1. Automobile Accidents – After an accident, there is a lot of finger-pointing and “he said, she said” statements. If there are no witnesses, it becomes your word against theirs as to who was at fault. However, if you have a dashcam that has recorded the incident, you will have video proof of what occurred.

If your car is hit in a parking lot and the other car simply drives off, you would have no way of knowing what happened and you would end up having to make an insurance claim or pay for any repairs out of pocket. But a dashcam would have recorded the event and possibly captured the offender’s license plate number. You would have a way of then tracking down the person responsible.

2. Stop Fraudulent Insurance Claims – A popular scam that unscrupulous people like to use to sue you and collect insurance money is to claim that you injured them or damaged their car with yours. You can avoid becoming a victim of this type of scam if you have a dashcam mounted in your car. It’s hard for the perpetrator to argue against a video of what really happened.

3. Videotape of a Road Trip or an Unbelievable Event – That drive along that twisty road through the mountains or that unbelievably beautiful sunset as you drive along that coastal highway becomes a lasting memory if you have a dashcam to record it.

What about capturing a video of a UFO that appears out of nowhere? Driving takes two hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. You don’t always have the time or ability to whip out your cell phone and turn on the camera to record some spectacular event. But your dashcam could have.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Car – You don’t spend every minute of the day keeping an eye on your car. Things can happen while your car is parked. A thief may break in or someone may bump into or sideswipe your car. A dashcam can send an alert to your smartphone that something has happened.

BlackVue DR590-2CH

BlackVue DR590-2CH

If you are looking for an affordable, entry-level, front and rear facing dashcam system, the DR590 should be one that is on your list to consider. The DR590 is a two-channel system with full HD 1080p resolution from both cameras. In addition, it has a Sony STARVIS image sensor. The STARVIS sensor enables the cameras to capture both day and night video in clear detail. Both front and rear cameras record simultaneously onto a single memory card at 30 frames per second (30fps) with a 139° view angle.

The DR590 provides good picture quality during daylight hours, although details are not extremely sharp on images recorded that are seen at a distance. At night the image quality is only fair to good. Images are stored on MicroSD cards up to 128GB. A 128GB card will store about 12 hours of footage. Loop recording allows the camera to overwrite the oldest files on the card once it is full. One feature this system lacks is that you can’t “lock” files that you want to save and do not want overwritten.

The DR590 supports buffered parking mode, recording continuously while the engine is off. While in this parking mode, whenever motion or impact (the camera has a G-sensor that responds to vibration) is detected the camera will save a video clip from 10 seconds before to 10 seconds after the event. For parking mode to work, the camera needs to be hard-wired into your vehicle’s electrical system or be connected to an external battery pack.

The DR590 is a decent entry-level dash cam system, especially since it has that buffered parking mode.


  • Front and rear mount cameras
  • Full HD 1080p resolutions
  • Time and date stamp on video
  • Includes 32GB MicroSD card


  • No direct WiFi connection
  • No cloud capability
  • No built-in battery protection

BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE

BlackVue DR750-2CH

The 2-channel DR750 has 4G LTE for easily connecting to the cloud. It also has built-in WiFi and GPS technology. WiFi allows you to connect to your tablet or smartphone. LTE allows you to connect the cameras to the cloud (BlackVue Cloud has both free and pay subscription plans). With cloud connection you can receive push notifications about incidents or impacts and live-view your vehicle remotely.

Both front and rear cameras record video in full HD 1080p resolution. The front camera records at 60fps, the rear at 30fps, and both have a 139° view angle. Both cameras are also equipped with Sony STARVIS imaging sensors, which provide video clarity under low-light conditions. There are 4 video filter settings; normal, event/impact, parking, and manual. Parking mode requires an external battery pack (parking mode accessory Power Magic Pro included) or hard wiring into the vehicle’s electrical system.

The DR750 will automatically enter into buffered parking mode when the vehicle is stationary for 5 minutes. Either camera will record video if it detects motion or impact. The dash cams will loop record (overwrite the oldest files) once the MicroSD card is full. You have the ability to “lock” up to 50 event files to prevent them from being overwritten.


  • Built-in 4G LTE connection
  • Built-in WiFi
  • GPS capability
  • BlackVue app for iOS or android


  • Cameras tend to be affected by light glare
  • Magic Power Pro not easy to install
  • Disconnection issues reported by some owners when using live view


BlackVue makes some of the best dash cams on the market and their customer service is second to none. If all you are looking for is a dash cam with the basics, the DR590 is a great system to own. It is an entry-level model that will offer you added protection at a very affordable price. If WiFi connectivity, GPS capability, and remote viewing is important to you, spending a little more money on the DR750 is the way to go. (>>>Check on Amazon)