Cobra DualPro 360° Review

Cobra DualPro 360°

Who needs the hassle of going to court and kowtowing before a judge, hoping to avoid that $150 (on average) fine for speeding? Nowadays it is becoming easier to avoid that situation entirely by using a radar detector that can not only keep an eye out for speed traps but also monitor your car’s speed with its GPS capability. That is what the Cobra DualPro 360° radar detector will do for you.

Cobra DualPro 360° Review of Main Specs:

Cobra DualPro 360°
RangeExtra Long Range, 360-degree detection
DSP technology
Built-in GPSYES
False FilterYES
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYES
Speed-based Auto MuteYES
Updateable FirmwareN/A
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Historically, Cobra radar detectors were not considered to be top-tier by most radar detector enthusiasts. But that has all changed when the Cobra DualPro 360° radar detector entered the market. >>> Check it’s pricing on Amazon It is certainly one of Cobra’s highest performing detectors to date.

The DualPro 360° is a dual antenna detector that is extremely sensitive and will keep watch in front of you and behind you. It has directional arrows, superior filtering capabilities and laser sensitivity, and ultra-quick response when it detects an instant-on radar. It has a GPS capability also and comes with a database of photo enforcement locations already programmed in. It is one of the best detectors to own if you want to avoid speeding tickets, whether they come unintended or deserved.

Cobra DualPro 360 Review


  • Extreme detection range
  • Exceptional blind spot monitoring filtering
  • Integrates iRadar app via the Cloud
  • Superb GPS capabilities


  • Volume of voice alerts a little soft
  • Subscription required to continue updates after 90 days
  • Does not come with a USB cable


It is exceedingly accurate in alerting with built-in AI technology that keeps the detector from false alerting to automatic door opening and closing radars. This technology is so good that as the detector works alongside its GPS technology, it gets smarter concerning false alert possibilities over time. The more you drive, the smarter the detector gets. The GPS function also will display your current speed as well as the speed limit of the road you are driving on. At the same time, it will instantly identify red light cameras and speeding sensors. And like its name says, it provides reliable 360° protection.

The directional arrows on the display will point to the direction of the threat and identify the band type. The DualPro comes with the iRadar app that works alongside Google Maps to display previous radar alerts so that you can avoid those areas if you want to. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

The 360°’s Display

 Cobra DualPro 360 DisplayThe DualPro has a four-color OLED display that is bright and easy to read. The display has five brightness levels including AUTO that will change the brightness as the lighting conditions change, and OFF if you want the detector not to be seen at night. That said, the display can be hard to see in bright sunlight but with voice alerting also, the detector more than makes up for that shortfall. The unit is only about 1.5 inches from top to bottom and weighs in at only 9 ounces, so it won’t get dislodged with every bump in the road.

The Bottom Line

The DualPro 360° is one of the best detectors on today’s market and we consider it to be a bargain at its $450 price. >>> Check current price on Amazon Cobra has produced a rival worthy of competing against the Uniden R3 and the Valentine 1 detectors. With the technology in the 360°’s BSM filtering and robust GPS functions, it is hard to beat at its price point. It is easy to tell that Cobra went the extra mile when they developed this radar detector.