Cobra SPX955IVT Review

Cobra SPX955IVT radar detector

If you think that a radar detector is a waste of your money, why don’t you ask just one of the millions of drivers in the United States who received a speeding ticket last year. According to the folks at, each speeding ticket on average comes at an average cost of about $150 or more. That doesn’t include the points added to your driver’s license or any amount that your insurance company may charge for increased auto insurance policy rates.

Cobra SPX955IVT Specs:

Cobra SPX955IVT
RangeExtra Long Range, 360 degree detection
Built-in GPSNO
False FilterYES, BSM and CAS Filtering
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYES
Speed-based Auto MuteYES
Updateable FirmwareN/A
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The good news is that today’s radar detectors are becoming more and more cable of detecting police radar from far enough away to keep you from getting into the police radar’s range and being given a speeding ticket. Consider the outstanding performance delivered by the subject of this review, the Cobra SPX955IVT maximum range radar detector. (>>> Check how much it cost on Amazon) Cobra has poured 30 years of radar detection technology into this particular detector. Weighing in at under a pound, this radar detector will really deliver the goods!

Cobra SPX955IVT Review

BSM and CAS Filtering – so many newer cars are equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring and Collision Avoidance Systems that unless your radar detector can filter these systems out, it will never stop false alerting. The Cobra 995 is equipped with Cobra’s in-vehicle technology, or IVT, that reduces false alerts from today’s newer vehicles with monitoring and avoidance systems. It will also help to avoid false alerting from automatic door opening radars, “check your speed” radar units, and red light enforcement cameras.

Sensitivity – if a radar detector can’t reach out far enough to give you an adequate warning to check your speed, what good does it do? It becomes just another piece of junk cluttering up your dash board. The SPX 955 maximum range radar detector nearly doubles the range of other radar detectors and will provide ample warning of a radar operating in the vicinity. Built with military grade components, the SPX 955 has extremely quick circuitry to detect radars faster and at ranges far greater than other comparable detectors.

Voice and Visual Alerting – visual alerts accompanied by voice alerts means that you never have to take your eyes away from the windshield and what is happening down the road. This Cobra model will detect all bands of radar, X, K, and Ka and at the same time will identify the band’s signal strength and notify you of what it is. It is even great on picking up instant on, or I/O radar signals. Police set these instant on units on hold so that they can’t be detected as easily as always-on units. As for lasers, the SPX 955 provides all-around, 360° protection.

Radar Detector Detector Shielding – in many states and cities, having an operating radar detector is illegal. You can be fined and your detector can be confiscated if you are caught with it mounted on your dash board. Police in these states now use radar detector detectors so it is important for your radar detector is undetectable to these various detectors. The Cobra SPX 955 has VG-2, Spectre 1, and Spectre IV+ shielding technology to keep it from being identified by these types of detectors.


  • Very affordable
  • 360° detection
  • Sensitivity – picks up signals well in advance
  • Bright, easy to read display


  • Limited display info
  • Case seems to get warm after a short time operating


A radar detector does not have to cost an arm and a leg to be an effective piece of automotive equipment. When you find radar detector like the Cobra SPX 955 IVT that can detect radars at extreme range, has outstanding BSM and CAS false alert filtering, and even offers protection from Spectre radar detector detectors, you should buy it without any hesitation. Overall, this detector comes at a good entry-level price without sacrificing any of today’s detection technology. >>> Check current price on Amazon