Vantrue X4S Review

Vantrue X4S

The Vantrue X4S is a dual-channel dash camera system for cars, trucks, and SUVs that has many high-end features and at a mid-range price point. This Vantrue X4S review will look at the features and how well they work to offer you the security and functionality that you demand from a dash cam system to provide security for your vehicle.

We think the Vantrue X4S is a good quality product that will offer you the features and functions that matter the most and will allow you to protect your investment and ensure safety under even the most demanding conditions (>>> Find the current price on Vantrue).

Vantrue X4S Review of Main Specs:

Vantrue X4S
Resolution (front)3840x2160P@30fps or 2560X1440P@60FPS
View angle131°
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
Parking mode24 Hours
Maximum capacity256 GB
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We look at a lot of different styles of dash cameras and we have a few features that we think are important. Among all the noise, we think that image quality, ease of use, and overall design aesthetics are the most critical features that determine whether a dash cam system is going to work well. We will look at each of these features and let you know why we think this system is a good buy.

Image Quality

The X4S is advertised as a 4k dash cam system, which it technically is. The caveat here is that this system  shoots 4k on the front camera only when you set the camera to shoot with only the front cam active. When you engage the rear camera, the maximum resolution drops to 2k (2560x1440p) front and 1920x1080p rear. This setting shoots 6o frames per second on the front cam and 30 frames on the back. Alternatively, you can set the cam to shoot 1920x1080p front and rear at 60 fps for both cameras.

One of the driving factors in dash cam image quality is the viewing angle the camera captures images with. This is usually defined as a diagonal angle top to bottom left to right. A wide angle is generally anything over 150-degrees and you’ll find some cameras offering up to 170-degrees. While these angles include lots of view, they also distort the images along the sides and create what is known as the fishbowl effect.

This camera system uses a very narrow 131-degree angle for both front and rear cameras. What this does is produce an incredibly clear and defined image, even with lower video quality settings. You’ll lose some of the image on the sides, but you’ll also get superior license plate readability.


  • Excellent image quality for the front and rear cameras
  • Easy access using the touchscreen or the app


  • App is limited to iOS
  • No included GPS or MicroSD card, leading to additional expenses

Ease of Use

Most of the time, we gravitate toward dash camera systems that are easy to use. We don’t like to have to go through a bunch of steps to get access to videos. One of the things we like about this camera system from Vantrue is the range of useability options it offers.

Built-in 2.4g/5g dual-band Wi-Fi and a free-to-use app (iOS-only) lets you control settings and download video files remotely without having to access the MicroSD card. Alternatively, you can use the 3-inch touch screen for settings or to view video files directly on the camera, which makes for a very convenient experience.

Convenient Features

The X4S has a few built-in features that are rare for mid-range camera systems and greatly improve the usability of the product. One of the cool features is remote parking mode. This allows the camera to wake up from a sleep mode when either motion or impact is detected and start recording, capturing hit-and-run incidents and attempted break-ins in real time.


Vantrue X4S in the box

The camera has a few additional options available that can enhance the experience. One of the best is the GPS mount that includes an antenna. This will allow the camera to log GPS data as you drive, ensuring the highest degree of detail regardless of where you go.

A neat feature is the ability to use up to a 256 gb MicroSD card. Video files are relatively large and will quickly fill a card, leading to a loop-recording event that may overwrite files that you may want, even if they are not that important. Critical video files that feature incidents are locked and saved apart from other videos, ensuring you don’t miss any of the action.


The Vantru X4S is an excellent mid-range option for buyers who want the flexibility of a 4k front cam but are also interested in having lots of useful features. We think this is a particularly good buy for iOS users due to the limitations of the app, but it will work very well for any driver that is looking for solutions to security (>>> Check on Amazon).